Family and Friends of George McCracken

George McCracken is my Father. He's 73 years old. This past September he was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. Our family is spread across the country spanning three time zones and this blog is an attempt to create a place where we can all share information. Feel free to post updates from calls home to Ma or whatever related random thoughts you might feel like sharing.

Friday, October 29, 2004

Going Home

I've decided that there's nothing more important than the here and now, and I want the opportunity to share what time I have left with my greatest hero, even if it's as simple as holding his hand. I'll be heading back to VT sometime in the next two to three weeks. I want to hug him, hold him, and love him, just as he has done for all of us. Mom needs our support just as much as Dad, and if she wants to spend every minute of every day at his side, I'll do everything I can to help. Kevin and Kim are doing a fantastic job of supporting them, but the time has come where it's too much for them, and they need help.


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