Family and Friends of George McCracken

George McCracken is my Father. He's 73 years old. This past September he was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. Our family is spread across the country spanning three time zones and this blog is an attempt to create a place where we can all share information. Feel free to post updates from calls home to Ma or whatever related random thoughts you might feel like sharing.

Sunday, October 31, 2004

Back in the hospital...

I got a call from Kim last night. Dad was taken by Ambulance to CVH last night around Midnight. His fluid retention has gotten out of control and he was finding it hard to breath. His fluid retention is due to the kidney function problems he’s having. The Dr on the ward last night told Ma he may be on too many diuretics and that they would try and eliminate them and see if the kidneys would begin to function again.

I talked with Kim and Ma again this morning to find out how the night went. When Ma talked to him this morning, Dad said he; “had a good night”. His breathing is better but he continues to sound very weak. Poor Ma didn’t get home until 3:30AM and was up again and in the shower at 8:00AM.

Kim said she is worried about how much Ma can continue to do. She agreed to see her Dr on the 9th. Dad has an appointment then, but its not likely he’ll keep it. She will go instead.


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